Mount Fancy Farm Butterfly Conservation Area

Mount Fancy Farm is the site of a large and important butterfly conservation area covering 27 hectares. The reserve offers a variety of terrain, with plant life suitable to sustain a significant number of species of butterflies.

There are several permitted footpaths through the reserve, where you can walk and explore this beautiful area. At certain times of the year, you may see Exmoor ponies and Longhorn cattle, both of which graze there.

The Reserve urgently needs volunteers to help record the activity of butterflies seen there. The role involves walking a fixed route through the reserve, (in warm weather between March and October), collecting and recording information which is given to the Butterfly Conservation Group. You do not need any special knowledge. It is possible to learn on the job and there are always experts to support you.

Please get in touch with annabcwarden@gmail.com or phone 01823 421423 if you would like to volunteer.

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Mount Fancy Farm Map
Mount Fancy Farm Map